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Advanced financial thought

Invited Presentations by CSA Principals 2010

CSA's principals have been invited to share their knowledge at a range of finance conferences, workshops and colloquia around the world.

Risk Sharing in DC Pension Schemes, 7-8 January 2010, University of Exeter

5th CARISMA Conference (on Behavioural Finance), 1-3 February 2010, London

Finance Seminar, 10 February 2010, Cass Business School, London

Sessional Meeting of the Institute of Actuaries (on Individual Household Asset Liability Management), 22 February 2010, Staple Inn, London

Conference in Honour of Professor M H A Davis, 12-14 April 2010, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, London

Cass-Capco Institute, 19 April 2010, Cass Business School, London

Agricultural Bank of China Senior Executive Risk Management Programme, 26 April to 6 May 2010, Cambridge, UK

ICBI Global Derivatives and Risk Management, 18-20 May 2010, Paris

6th World Congress of the Bachelier Finance Society, 22-26 June 2010, Toronto

12th Triennial International Conference on Stochastic Programming, 16-20 August 2010, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

6th Cambridge-Princeton Finance Workshop, 10-11 September 2010, Cambridge, UK

Minsheng Bank Senior Executive Programme, 19-29 September 2010, Cambridge, UK

New Economics Initiative, October 2010, Moscow

China Merchants Securities Senior Executive Programme, 1-12 November 2010, Cambridge, UK

Analytical Models for Sovereign Debt Management, 3 December 2010, British Academy, London

OECD-WPC World Pensions and Investments Forum, 10 December 2010, OECD, Paris