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Advanced financial thought

Invited Presentations by CSA Principals 2008

CSA's principals have been invited to share their knowledge at a range of finance conferences, workshops and colloquia around the world.

Third Bachelier Colloquium, 6-13 January, Metabief, France

Swiss Investment Managers� Circle, 16-19 January, Zermatt, Switzerland

Alpha Invest, 29-30 January, Stockholm

FX Market Microstructure, 7 February, Brunel University, London

CIBAM Symposium on Global Finance, 21-22 February, Judge Business School, Cambridge

Deloitte Public Finance Roundtable, 27 February, Church House, Westminster, London

Cass-Capco Conference on Risk, 8 April, Cass Business School, London

Systematic Investment and Systemic Risk, 28th April � 3rd May, Moller Centre, Cambridge - Conference for senior banking regulators from the China Banking Regulatory Commission

Portfolio Construction, 5th & 6th May (New York) and 8th & 9th May (London), RISK Training

Forum on Asset Management and Risk Control, 16-17 May, Renmin University, Beijing

Dynamic Pricing of CDO Tranches Using Relative Entropy, 19th � 22nd May, ICBI Global Derivatives Trading and Risk Management, Paris

Manchester-Leeds Workshop on Mathematical Economics and Finance, 30 May � 1 June, Manchester Business School

Derivatives Technology Foundation Conference, 5 June, Amsterdam

4th CARISMA Seminar, 30 June � 3 July, London

5th World Congress of the Bachelier Finance Society, 15-19 July, London

CARIPLO Workshop on Numerical Linear and Nonlinear Stochastic Programming, 3-5 September, University of Edinburgh

4th Cambridge-Princeton Conference on Finance, Judge Business School, 19-20 September, Cambridge

Incisive Media Quant Congress Europe, 4-6 November, London

Cambridge Finance Event on the Credit Crisis, 3 December 2008, Cambridge